UWC – Intaka Island Amazing Race

It has been a while since we’ve run an Intaka Island Amazing race, and what better group to have done it with than the University of the Western Cape. Full of energy and spark, each team got stuck into the challenges and showed great team spirit and enthusiasm. From blind paddling to Dangling doughnut eating- team building was sure the key part of this day!

Why Use Us

Adventure Works has been in operation for twelve years and has a proven track record for running professional, safe and fun activities for corporate groups of all sizes. The following are just a few of the many reasons why we should be your first choice for adventure:

  • Accreditation- We are bonded members of SATSA (Southern African Tourism Services Assn) and proud members of SITE (Society of Incentive Travel Executives) and SAACI (Southern African Assn. for the Conference Industry).
  • BEE- Adventure Works are level 4 compliant.
  • Creativity- We have consistently created new adventure products that enhance your group’s experience of the Cape. Finding new ways to experience the standard destinations are what motivates us and keeps us passionate.
  • Experience- Adventure Works has a strong reputation within the Incentive and Conference industries for providing great service and high quality products. We continue to strive for excellence in all areas of our operations.
  • Flexibility- Our programs can be tailor made to suit your clients, the venue, budget, timings and the size of the group. It is our aim to provide the right trip for each group, ensuring that objectives are met and that everyone has a great time.
  • Insurance- We are covered by SATIB with R20 million of Public Liability Insurance plus Professional Indemnity cover.
  • Safety Record- After nine years of operation our safety record stands unblemished.
  • Safety Standards- Our clients safety is our main priority. We provide trained life guards and first aiders on all excursions.
  • Weather Plans- We keep a constant eye on the weather forecasts and conditions for each event, and will create back up plans when necessary to ensure the success and safety of your function.

Some of the Clients we have worked with: 

Franco Ceccato- Intaka Island & Century City Amazing Race


Vodacom 2- Crazy Olympics at Century City Clubhouse


T-Systems Geo Caching at Century City

“Adapting to Change” was the theme for T- Systems conference at Crystal Towers in Century City. The Brief was to provide team building activities that highlighted the different stages of change and the associated issues that need to be conquered. After some initial energizer activities the competed in a blind paddling exercise which illustrated the breakdown in communication as some teams kept disappearing into the reeds on the banks of the canal! The teams then removed their blindfolds and explored the canals that took them past the bustling Shopping Mall to the tranquil bird sanctuary on Intaka Island.

Here the teams received a briefing on the basics of using an outdoor GPS before navigating their way through the network of paths, bird hides and marshlands in search of Caches of treasure to earn points while also identifying Birds, discovering the function of the Intaka wetlands and imitating the Red Knobbed Coot! Geo Caching is a fantastic team building activity which symbolises finding direction for your business while discovering a beautiful area and competing in fun challenges along the way.

RGA get crazy in Century City



The adventurous folk at RGA spent Friday afternoon exploring the waterways, bird sanctuary and spectacular shops of Canal Walk as there winter team building event.

The Intaka Island Amazing Race started off with the Purple Panthers, Fabulous Freaks and other teams throwing down the gauntlet with intimidating war cries. The Race began with a kayaking duel along the canals to the nature area on Intaka Island. The teams discovered bird hides and tranquil lakes stopping to learn about the ecosystem find pieces of a giant puzzle or complete tasks along the way. This area is a fantastic adventure Team Building zone!

The teams then headed off to the shops in search of exotic tarantulas and hidden clues. They competed in a spinning bike sprint race, solved riddles and tested their artistic skills. The diverse variety of activities as well as the mix of terrain from shopping mall to beautiful bird sanctuary made for a fun adventurous team building experience!

Well Done to The Tweetie Birds for taking the honours on the day!

Check out the photos here!

Metropolitan’s Employees Benefit at Century City

The usually tranquil Intaka Island and surrounds were turned on their head when the The Usual Suspects, The Mad Hatters and The Cereal Killers from Metropolitan descended for an afternoon of terrific teambuilding.

After each team presented their “knee-trembling” War Cries to their opponents,  they set off to explore Century City.  First stop was Intaka Island where they paddled across the canal in search of some of the island’s elusive birdlife and habitat.  Once identified, it was time to head to Canal Walk where teams had to identify the wildlife in Cape Union Mart, blow up airbeds and spin their way out of Sportsman’s Warehouse.

Once all the clues were completed, the teams met up again before heading for the debriefing and a delicious lunch at Jimmy’s Killer Prawns!  A great time was had by all.

Click here for the photos!