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Emeco Travel - Powerboats


It was a day with perfect powerboating conditions: decent sized waves, blue skies and some fresh wind coming into the bay. Four boats navigated out of Hout Bay harbour leaving behind a huge cloud of fog. The engines were stopped for a quick look at the rusty wreck of the Bos 400 crane. The boats carried on at high speed and made another stop at Dui...

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GIBB - Intaka Amazing Race


The day started at the old locomotives in front of the Intake Island park, where the attendees from GIBB started off with some teambuilding and warm-up exercises. They quickly moved to the the Intaka park after a short brief. Here, they had to compete against other teams in multiple hilarious challenges. The teams were pretty small so they had to c...

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Woolworths - Stellenbosch Amazing Race


The beautiful city of Stellenbosch is the perfect setting for an Amazing Race with an arty touch. After some icebreaking activities, the enthusiastic attendees were sent on their way. They started off painting their very own personalised tiles and learned how to drum on Die Braak square. Afterwards, some more intellectual and physical challenges to...

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Dragonfly - Winelands Cycle


The Blaauwklippen wine estate that dates back to 1682, is the perfect setting for a Winelands Cycle. The Dragonfly group arrived in style. Four helicopters flew in and dropped of their amazed passenger at the site, creating a huge cloud of dust. The attendees quickly picked up their mountainbikes and happily followed the marshals into the surround...

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YPO - The Captivating Cape


The Captivating Cape is an event where you get to see Cape Town in an original and fun way. Multiple activities take place on different historic places in the city bowl. YPO went from the highest spot in Cape Town, Table Mountain, to the lowest, namely the tunnels underneath the castle of Good Hope. The absolute climax of the day was the necklace m...

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Diamond Travel - Powerboating (Part 1)


Pounding waves, fast boats with loads of power, blue skies, fur seals and smiling faces....

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Netcare- Minute to Win it


With fun competitive challenges on the table the team from Netcare got stuck into the Minute to Win it challenges. With some great animal sound imitations, some amazing problem solving and great strategy in the Marshmallow towers and cup stack, this certainly made for a memorable day at the Aquarium. Much laughter and fun was shared by all....

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Clearfusion - Boere Sport (Part 2)


Once the Clearfusion group was split up into teams and got properly warmed up, the Boere Sport kicked off in the beautiful gardens of the Spier Wine estate. The teams were so keen and competitive that at a certain moment one of our huge sacks, used for the giant sack-race, couldn’t take it anymore and decided to torn. After this hilarious and unf...

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QORUS - Franschoek on Foot


Last Friday, a big group from QORUS arrived at the Franschoek memorial monument to start their teambuilding. Everybody seemed keen to start off with the challenges and to explore the city of Franschoek in an original way. QORUS was divided into groups, and were sent on their way. They had the chance to taste some of the region's best ice-cream, win...

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Big Blue Sky Tours - Peninsula Amazing Race


The day started off on Hout Bay beach, where the early-morning ice was broken with a good warm-up. Groups were formed and the guests were sent to Chapman's peak by vehicle. Here, they had to choose a word, and spell it by using their bodies only. One team decided a word was too much of a sweat, so they just spelled out a capital I... Others had mor...

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